JICA – IUH Project with the job-matching target of 100%

The target is confirmed by Dr. Nguyen Thien Tue, President of Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City (IUH) on Saturday morning 15 April, 2017 at the “Seminar on Good Training Practice Needed Extensive Application from the JICA-IUH Project”.

“We are considering the extensive application of Kosen model to other faculties and institutes of the university,” Dr. Nguyen Thien Tue, President of IUH said.

The JICA-IUH Project is approved by Japanese Government (JICA) and Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade, started in October 2013 with the aim of introducing the training model of practical and creative engineers (Japanese Kosen) in Vietnam and applying Kosen model at IUH for heavy-chemical industry. The project has been implemented for 3 years and expanded for a further of 1.5 years until April 2018. Involving the project, 02 high quality college batches enrolled with a total number of 251 students. The first batch includes 131 students in which 67 ones of Chemical Engineering and 64 ones of Mechanical Engineering. In March 2017, all the students carried out their mid-term reports for graduation research with good outcomes.

“By applying Kosen model, IUH will provide practical and creative engineers for Vietnam industries,” Mr Hayashida Takayuki, Chief Advisor of JICA-IUH Project said.

Mr Hayashida Takayuki, Chief Advisor of JICA-IUH Project, highlighted the typical feature of Kosen model in which the curricula are systematically designed, problem-based learning, foundation-focused learning, enterprise linkage, job seeking and matching. By applying Kosen model, IUH will provide practical and creative engineers for Vietnam industries.

The seminar’s participants focused on discussion of renewing teaching methodology towards PBL (problem-based learning); 5S training procedure (Sort , Set, Shine, Standardization, and Sustain); safety in laboratory and working; providing guidance on research for students; enterprise linkage; job seeking and matching.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Ha is instructing students of Chemical Engineering Faculty to do experiment in laboratory based on Kosen model

The mission of offering professional training for students in order to meet the enterprise requirements and achieving the target of 100% job-matching is very important to IUH. According to Kosen model, the students have chance to approach basic knowledge of career in the 1st year, knowledge of fundamental disciplines and professional disciplines in the 2nd year, and knowledge of job seeking and the concerns such as interview skills, CV writing, labor law, etc., and having internship at enterprises in the 3rd year.

Dr. Nguyen Thien Tue highly recognized the effectiveness of JICA-IUH Project in term of education and training, especially to the problem-based learning (PBL) teaching methodology, the focus of working discipline, hygiene and safety, linkage between industry and school. There are some similarities between the Kosen model and the AUN-QA and ABET accreditation criteria. The result of project implementation also indicated the need of expansively applying Kosen model to other faculties and institutes of the university.

Thanh Minh

Source: Vietnam Economic News